What does it feel like to be Hypnotised?

Well, although you may not realise it, you have already experienced hypnotic trance! It is the feeling you get whilst engrossed in a good book or film and you become oblivious to things going on around you. Perhaps you can recall having driven your car on a familiar route totally wrapped up in your own thoughts when you suddenly realise that you can't actually remember much about the journey. These are all examples of a natural, harmless trance state that everyone experiences virtually every day. We even slip into hypnotic trance each night in those moments just before we fall asleep!

During hypnotherapy, you are invited to close your eyes and relax, whilst your therapist's voice leads you into a calm and positive mood to enable the therapy to be effective. Your mind will then work in the naturally efficient way that it does when you stop trying so hard to tell it what to do!